DP Ruto’s endless lies to be put an end 2022

By Agatha via FB

15b loan that never was………..
This is me connecting the dots Rashid Nzambu .
Here is what I think happened. I will name my characters Tips,Alladin and Willy Loman. So,Tips has used Willy Loman to clean up some money.Its good business for Willy because it improves liquidity . Many banks are doing it anyway. It’s naive for us to assume that the country in the deep throes of corruption will insulate banks from the sins …..They just don’t announce their dirty!

So, to clean the loot,Tips calls Willy and asks that part of his loot is transferred to Alladin. Willy has no problem with that request because
1. The money is not his
2. The money is clandestine and not documented
3. Because the money is not documented,it can’t ever be traced back to him.

Now ,money laundering is big Organised Crime business and developed economies are not sparing resources to insulate their countries from the rot. So any related activity has the Brits; The Feds and even Mossad snooping around. So this particular transaction is most interesting to the trio above because of Alladin’s involvement. Alladin is a known International Criminal on Interpol’s radar. So when the snoops establish what the transaction is all about,they decide it’s Kenya’s headache and inform Jaden who in turn calls Uncle M7 to protest not just the new found friendship with his Deputy,but the use of M7 to sanitise dirty money. Jaden promises stern action after investigations. Caught in between the rock and a hard place, Uncle M7 distances himself from the whole business and freezes the loot.

Now,not only are Campaign funds 2022 under threat,but Tips arrogance and verbal diarrhea born of braggadocio has attracted legal snoops to the activities of both Willy Loman and Alladin. Activities that are evidently not very clean. But most importantly,Tips himself is in too deep because any legal snooping will not only trace the dirty money to him,but will also uncover many more dirties. So he actually tells the “truth”- that he convinced Willy to lend Alladin. But since no such transaction “officially” took place in Willy Loman’s domain, our Willy denies,denies,denies!! And Willy is confident in his denial because no such records exist!!!.No number of investigations will find traces of money lent by Willy to Alladin or any other institution in Matokeland land because that transaction technically did not take place………..

Meanwhile,Tips is terrified of the trouble he’s in; can’t find a secure line to psyche Uncle M7 accross the boarder to stand up to Jaden,so he alerts heliteam to get ready for a quick visit to matokeland. But uncle has seen the light and is afraid of international sanctions for engaging in an international crime. So he alerts Jaden of the planned purpose of visit and Jaden freezes the trip……

As things stand, Willy Loman is genuflecting before Jaden and pledging loyalty if only to save his business from collapse; M7 has opened space for international investigation- he didn’t do anything wrong; Alladin is a free man in Turkmenia but poor Tips is in bigger trouble because not only has he lost money ; but in the court of public opinion, he looks like the least credible of all three because his phone call negotiated nonexistent 15b loan is linking him to International crime.. ….

DP Ruto’s endless lies to be put an end 2022

Source: kenyagist