November 29, 2022
DP Ruto told to help Mau squatters instead of spreading the loot in church

Cherangany Member of Parliament Joshua Kuttuny has challenged Deputy President William Ruto to come to the rescue of Mau Forest evictees.

In a video shared on YouTube by NTV, Monday, Kuttuny said the time has come for Ruto to stop dishing out millions in Church functions and dedicate the same to help the victims of the Mau eviction.

He said the DP lacks the interest of the Mau people at heart.

The rebel Jubilee MP divulged that the Mau issue is critical and it should be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

The lawmaker also accused Ruto of using his position to advance his political ambition at the expense of the people who stood with him when he was seeking power before the last general elections.

“I want to request these people to tell their man to stop fundraisers every Sunday because am told he spends Sh5 million per week, Sh200 million per month and Sh2.4 billion per year. I want to tell him to stop fundraisers and collect the funds to purchase land for victims of Mau eviction. (Nataka kuomba hawa wambie yule mtu wao awache maneno ya harambee kila jumapili kwa miaka mbili kwa sababu naskia kwa kila wiki anatumia 50 million kwa mwezi anatumia, million mia mbili, kwa mwaka anatumia 2.4 billion na nataka kumwambia komesha kufanya maharambee, Kusanya hiyo pesa nunulia watu wa Mau shamba),” said Kutuny in the video.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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