DP Ruto lies again, says he was part of pro-reform forces that fought dictator Moi

By Wahome Thuku via FB

THE fight against Imperial Presidency specifically, Nyayo presidency was probably the most organised revolution that reformists in Kenya have ever engaged in. Having kicked off around 1988 after Mlolongo elections, it ended in 2002 (around 14 years). I did not just witness it, I took a ground soldier role in it.

Why do I say organised?
Moi was fought from every available frontline.

1. There were the opposition figure heads and their followers mainly from Kikuyu and Luo land and the Bukusu. These were the strategists who

2. There was the churches – mainly the CPK and catholic as well as the NCCK and Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims. People like Rev Njoya, Bishop Gitari, Muge, Rev Mutava Musimi and so so.many others.

3. There were student leaders and entire battalion of University students. I was a student leader. That was how I.met the likes of Omar Hassan of.Moi University, Suba Churchil, Mbarire.and so.so.many others. Ahead of us were the Kabandos, Adugosi, Nkuraru..hundreds and hundreds.

4. There was the human rights NGOs that organised the best street battles, demonstrations, protests etc. We had RPP, we had Wangari Maathai and her movement and so.many others. There was another one led by Dr. Ring Kituyi, the wife of Mukhisa Kituyi that did postmortem of all these killed by the Moi regime.

5. The foreign embassies. If there was one group that gave moi total headache it was the foreign missions in Kenya and their ambassadors. One US ambassador to Kenya called Smith Hemstone was like an opposition leader.

6. The donor agencies like IMF and World Bank. These were Kenyan ‘s refuge. We always looked forward to a statement from IMF because we knew Moi would toe the line.

7. Media. The KTN came at a time when KNC was treating us to lies and worship of Daniel Moi. KTN became the alternative media house for truth. When Kibaki resigned from the cabinet and some KTN editors reported the story they were all fired. Nation Media and other newspapers as well as bold magazines like Weekly Review kept us going. There was then the People Weekly. I will say more about it later today.
Those days journalists would be picked by Special Bramch officers from the newsrooms and sent straight to jail. People like Wahome Mutahi were picked from their desks at Old Nation House.

I can’t forget Chester House. Those who were journalists then know what Chester House was. It was the building that hosted over 20 foreign news.agences that exposed all the atrocities of Moi – VoA, BBC and the rest.

8. Lawyers. The human right lawyers starting with Martha Karua, Kamau Kuria, Kiraitu Murungi, Paul Muite, James Orengo….name them. Plus the LSK and organisations like Amnesty International.

And so.many other fronts were set up to fight Imperial Presidency. I will write on each as the day grows. Remind me what you recall about any of these.

DP Ruto lies again, says he was part of pro-reform forces that fought dictator Moi

Source: kenyagist