December 4, 2022
Kenyans expose possibilities during DP Ruto’s presidency ”#KenyaUnderRuto”

By Onyango Ochieng Jr. via FB

The biggest scandal in this nation is not WIlLIAM RUTO, it’s the fact that RUTO is in denial that he lives in denial. MAKOSA!

The horrifying situation Ruto finds himself bares the early symptoms of mental illness. He urgently needs a mental therapy before he crosses River Rubicon(A point of No Return) and start running around town naked picking rubbish from the trash bins.

By the way, Kamanda was rigged out in Jubilee. Head to head: Jaguar cannot defeat Kamanda anywhere on earth, apart from singing those kigeugeu and kifagio songs. As a result of that rigging, Kamanda was sent to parliament on a free ride. Hate him or love him, Kamanda is a tactical genius. He is also a resource mobilizer second to none, a grass roots mobilizer you need on your side. Uhuru needed Kamanda more than he will EVER need Jaguar in the next 1 BILLION years.

Ruto must know that Jubilee is dead, it’s in the grave waiting for a pastor to preside over it’s burial.

Somebody bring an elephant to fart in his ears, maybe it could wake Ruto up from this Baal-like slumber.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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