November 29, 2022
DP Ruto is behind entrenched political wars in mt. Kenya region

By Ngunjiri Wambugu via fb


Some Mt Kenya leaders are busy fighting for William Ruto.

What they don’t realise is that what William Ruto is trying to do is to wrestle the Mt Kenya vote bloc away from Uhuru Kenyatta before 2022, so that he doesn’t have to offer the region anything or negotiate with them, for them to vote for him in that election.

What we should ask is what these leaders fighting for him have received from him now that they have shown us they are willing to fight Uhuru for Ruto. And whether what they have been paid is theirs with their families alone, or it’s also for the community.


Today one of our Mt Kenya leaders is in a police cell. The incident that took him there did not have anyone from outside our community involved.

But the man insists he’s being ‘persecuted’ for supporting William Ruto. The young man is fighting for William Ruto. To do what, for who, how, in 2019 – I don’t know.

I personally hold William Ruto 100% responsible for the wars going on in Mt Kenya today. He has used his capacity to turn brother against brother, as he pursues a Presidency that’s over 3 years away. He has gotten us as leaders, and our people, fighting about him. And he’s happy to keep this fire burning.

But Ngai witû emwoyo. It will be well.


Source: kenyagist.COM

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