Dear PM Raila Odinga, thank you for trying to help Mt Kenya region via BBI, God bless you Baba!

By Kombedho Michael

To: H. E Raila Amollo Odinga.

I hope this finds you well my 5th President. Baba your leadership skills seem to be handcrafted by God Himself.
Your consistency in fighting for change in this country is incredible! I have been able to see some of your reforms agendas Baba, they’re encouraging because they’re for the betterment of all Kenyans irrespective of where they’re coming from.

Baba you wanted to add Mt Kenya 35Mps, Kalenjin 12 mps, Luhyas 6, Coastal region 5, Masais 6, Kambas 5 mps,Nairobians 12 , Somalis 3 ,Kisiis 1 and luos 3 mps through BBI if could have passed. This shows you aren’t tribal leader.
Baba ,Kiuks, Kalenjin, Kambas, Luhyas,Somalis,Kisiis, Maasais and Coastal people are bitter because they wont get additional constituencies that BBI was going to give them.

Baba your passion is strong enough to take Kenya to some level economically. Baba some ignorant do mock you, laugh at you and insult you daily but you don’t hold unnecessary grudges like William Ruto.

You do bravely stood by Kenyans trusting in God that they’ll overcome their challenges through working together with change reforms. The Judges ruled against BBI and you are okay with it. Baba you didn’t insult Judges. Baba you are still happy and telling us to focus a head.
Baba as a leader, you are supportive, loving, listening, caring, empathetic, understanding, wise, confident and an exemplary leader who’s resilient to help the people of Kenya economically with political stability.

Baba don’t relent. Baba when you’ll be the President, make sure all 42 tribes feel they’re in govt unlike William Ruto who appointed only his clanmen to the cabinet.. Baba when you’re happy, Kenya and Africa atlarge is happy ???????? Baba we’re focus now..
My name is Kombedho Michael Kijana wa mtaa…

Dear PM Raila Odinga, thank you for trying to help Mt Kenya region via BBI, God bless you Baba!

Source: kenyagist