January 29, 2023

By Kenyatta O
Are you surprised that Aden Marwa accepted Ksh. 60,000 bribe that shuts the door on a Ksh. 1.8M World Cup officiating job? Surprised no more. The government called off a rescue mission in Kinangop on Tuesday after a plane crash until yesterday when there was no hope of finding any survivors.

There is no pride in anything Kenyan. Naturally Marwa, a teacher should have marvelled at being the only Kenyan picked to officiate in this year’s World Cup in Russia. Because Kenya is a country of thieves where honour is as alien as fish in the Sahara.

Someone in this country had the courage to announce that rescue mission to find the 8 seater plane that had disappeared has been called off until yesterday. This comes after a chopper carrying Jubilee Party hawks that crashed into Lake Nakuru last year took us a month to retrieve. To this day two bodies of victims have never been found.

The two accidents above clearly shows that the government does not care about your life. It does not matter if you are Jubilee damu like the Nakuru crash victims or your political leanings is unknown like the people on board the ill fated Sax Flight that was found earlier today. Your life is just a statistic.

This is the reason it will take Kenya the geographic space a long time to become a nation. There is nothing worth dying for at the centre of this country. A country that neither cares about your welfare nor your life is not worth making proud leave alone dying for. I am disappointed in Aden Marwa but I am not surprised.

Every time we have a disaster of any kind in this country, if you take away Red Cross, all you will be left with is a clueless government. The government does not need to initiate a nuclear enrichment program to look great. All it takes is to do simple things right. We have the skills and right personnel to do this.

If KDF does not have a plane that can fly in bad weather in this country, then we are not prepared to defend this country. If our KDF forces can not comb through aberdares in the middle of the night then it means it will take them ages to take out a terrorist who decides to hide in beautiful patch of land west of Mt. Kenya.

In this country we decry the bad effects of negative tribalism but sigh in resignation. We are even being cajoled to support a handshake in the name of promoting peace and cohesion. Kenyans retreat to their tribal cocoons because there is nothing attractive to attract us to a common centre.

The government must go out to prove that the life of Kenyans anywhere in the world including Miguna Miguna’s life in Canada, matter. There is no other way to foster undying devotion and sure loyalty than to build trust in the people who have delegated their power to you.

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