January 29, 2023
CS Kiunjuri is a conman, fraud to the government- Hon. Ngunjiri

By Ngunjiri Wambugu (mp Nyeri Town)


Cs Mwangi Kiunjuri first said we needed 12M bags. When questioned closely he changed to 6M bags. When asked why he had changed he said it’s because 2 months had already passed.

Meanwhile 1.8B withdrawn without board approval. Ile ukora iko hapa ni Mungu tu anajua!

Anytime I post something I get hundreds of comments. However some of these comments are ‘paid’; some people actually earn money to camp on my page & disparage everything I write … even if it’s just ‘Good Morning’ ?

I am happy someone is earning a living from my page. Jobs for young people is one of my deliverables.

But what they might not understand is that this page is my ‘newspaper’, and newspapers are based on ‘reach’ not ‘comments’.

And my newspaper has quite a bit of reach – as you can see from just two examples below ? … which were not even boosted ?

Tuongeze volume?

Source: kenyagist.COM

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