August 15, 2022

Here is a post by a retired Military Intelligence officer he shared on a Whatsapp group explaining why Uhuru government will not shut down direct flights from China in the wake of a global epidemic of Coronavirus.

“The United States of America and other Western nations have set aside billions of dollars to send to African countries and other Global South Nations which will be hit by the Coronavirus!

For this reasons; the Kenya Government has allowed the Chinese to come to Kenya with the hopes that the virus will spread faster in the country and the Region so that they can get billions of dollars from the United States of America and Sweden! The Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta is very demonic! Very evil!

*Kanali Mstaafu*”

“ALL 239 passengers who arrived in Nairobi today aboard a China Southern flight cleared of coronavirus; advised to self-quarantine for 14 days: Govt”

Sen Mutula KilonzoJR had this to say:
Self quarantine is an oxymoron. We are inviting corona virus with a bouquet of flowers

Another pundit Gab Oguda had this to say about the China-Kenya direct flights:

Gabriel Oguda: We refused to evacuate Kenyan nationals living in Wuhan, because they’d bring the coronavirus home, but has no problem giving landing rights to a Chinese airliner ferrying Chinese nationals coming in from the same port of exit? The govt hates Kenyans, and they don’t hide it.

Meanwhile it is an openn secret that Kenya is now a China territory, Uhuru is like the governor of Hong Kong who receives orders from Beijing, he is therefore waiting for a junior officer from Xin Ping office to call with info on how to proceed regarding the Corinavirus epidemic in China, for now all Chinese nationals even those infected with Coronavirus are welcome to Kenya.

We owe China so much to a point that Uhuru cannot contradict the regime in Beijing, we are a China puppet !

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