May 28, 2022
Conman? Ruto’s 8 million FAKE promise to Etangi SDA church in Kisii

By Edwin Ombati via FB

Ruto Hata haogopi Mungu, Yule huwa anaomba akilia!

Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) leadership in Kisii is squabbling over a FAKE KSh10 million donation made by Deputy President William Ruto. The DP who is known for his church donations is said to have made the donation on March 30, 2019 towards the construction of a South Kenya Conference Headquarters in Nyanchwa, Kisii County.

In a letter dated September 21, 2020 addressed to Pastor Samuel Makori (President of the East Kenya Union Conference), Etangi Church leaders said that Ruto gave Sh2 million in cash and promised to settle the rest in coming days which he has never delivered.

In the letter the pastors share their displeasure how they have tried to reach Ruto in the last 1 and half years in vain to get the 8million. The pastors say they have been accused by their congregation to have squandered the money yet they never received the money for completion of the church.

The pastors say that they interjected Ruto in a recent fundraising event at Nyanchwa and asked him about the 8M which he promised to deliver in 5 days. 1 month later Ruto and his allies are not picking the pastors calls nor have they had an opportunity of meeting him in their many attempts to visit him in his Nairobi office and Karen!

‘My family and I have never been in peace since the promise was made. I am being verbally attacked from all corners to have ‘eaten’ church money. If my child is seen in school people see that I’m paying school fees with church money, recently one of my sons tried to construct a house and leaflets were found inside written that I’m building for my children with church money. Ruto has made my life difficult, I have developed sickness since am in and out of hospital because of this thing’, one of the Pastors was overhead complaining from his sick Hospital bed!


Conman? Ruto’s 8 million FAKE promise to Etangi SDA church in Kisii


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