November 29, 2022
CMB Prezzo does not even qualify to be a cook in his own house, fake Wiper

By Abraham Mutai via fb

Wiper names ‘Prezzo’ as candidate for Kibra by-election. Well I think is time we placed a pause on what our politics has become.. Heck…he has never even cooked let alone sustain a family.. He can’t even be a leader for his own house. He is a womanizer. A male prostitute with no regards to societal morals. He is a drunkard and a boy who has never worked for anything in her entire life. He depends entirely on wealth her mother made. This is a complete contrast with the struggling people of Kibera, people who have to work their asses off to eat or even pay their meagre rent using peanuts they get paid. Kibera is complete opposed of who Prezzo represents. Leadership requires someone who will move the people of Kibera from one place to the next. If you think I’m being too much, ask the people of Starehe Constituency. They elected a playboy Jaguar who is busy posing for photos on instagram. They are now busy sending messages to Boniface Mwangi asking for his help.

Prezzo is not for leadership. Wiper, this is a mockery to our conscience. This is a raw insult on the people of Kibera. It tells you what Kalonzo thinks of Kibera.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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