May 28, 2022
Breaking news: PS Kibicho records statement with DCI as Sonko runs into hiding

TROUBLE for ex Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko as Interior PS Karanja Kibicho on the way to DCI HQ to record statement his utterances that they planned chaos in 2017 to paint ODM in bad light.

The simmering differences between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho appear to have boiled to feverish point, if Sonko’s latest post is anything to go by.

The former governor also asked God to punish all senior government officers who gave instructions for the new sanitisation booths erected by Sonko Rescue Team (SRT) to be vandalised by police.

Sonko has spilled some rose-coco beans

He has opened a can of worms alleging that alongside Kibicho and other deep state agents, they printed ODM t-shirts, got some goons to wear them, bought a few cars from the showroom, and got the goons set the vehicles ablaze in fake ODM maandamano

Of course they’ve been doing that, then attend press conferences and public rallies to denounce Rayila for his “Fujo na maandamano”

The thuggery that happens in Kenyan politics is nauseating, but it is good that finally the perpetrators are coming out on their volition own to confess their sins

This could also be a tactic to paint Uhuru a demon in the eye of Rayila supporters, to nip in the bud, any sprouting political coalition between the duo, that could be in the offing

In politics, every small pronouncement must be taken with a pinch of salt

It could be Sonko’s coinage, typical of a disgruntled lover. A separated woman goes making wild allegations that the former husband has a tooth pick for a one eyed anaconda

These are normally falsehoods, because the toothpick has been entertaining her for ages. A man abandoned by the wife can also be heard telling friends in busaa drinking dens that the woman was so Arror and Kimwarer, that any attempted entry resulted to the liquid splashing high to meet the ceiling of the bedroom

Whichever way, these are advantages the country enjoys from political betrayals, because through the bitterness, we get learn some truth. As a matter of fact, only three people are known for their brutal honesty, a child, a drunkard and very angry man

Sonko is both, drunk and angry

Good morning my fellow Hoof-Eaters

Breaking news: PS Kibicho records statement with DCI as Sonko runs into hiding


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