August 20, 2022

By Dennis Itumbi



About Ruto, this is what Governor Waiguru said: ” Our relationship is over. Our people love him, he loves us, but our relationship ni Gutee”

About  Raila, governor Waiguru said: We are only using him and his people to vote in BBI

“All we want from Raila is for him to give us One Man, One Vote. Because he holds the entire country we have to be…..”

About BBI, Waigiru said: BBI is about our interests as Kikuyus and Mt.Kenya people



“…The Bishop told us as a married couple. Till death do us part.

After the marriage and kids are here, life begins.

You lose your job and cash goes down.

Your kids begin telling everyone that our father does nothing it our mother who holds and sustains us.

Your wife listens and does not tell the kids NOT to ashame their father.

The next day everyone is looking at you and remembers how your kids ashamed you.

Now even if you said till death do us part, you look for the bishop or your parents and say I am unable to proceed with the marriage

We are not saying we did not say Yangu kumi na yako kumi – we said it with good intentions.

But there is somewhere things gets and you say it is no longer possible. I am unable.

The Kikuyu say that those who take a journey always have a back up plan.

If you divorce, you cannot stay alone, because those who take a journey have an alternative route.

You must get your people to where you are going. That is your focus.

…and because your wife technically left you, all she is doing is ashame you, saying how you know nothing.

That you no longer work for your people, that Milk prices went down….she is not helping you.

Even if you Love her, there is a point it gets, love fades and you are unable to continue with the relationship.”



“The President is a very tolerant human being. Uhuru has no problem with anyone, he has sacrificed for our people and for Kenya too.

There exists a mutual respect among leaders, it is based on hierarchy.

If you think Uhuru has made a mistake, there is a way you tell him as a leader and it does not involve going to the media. He listens.

If it is Kirinyaga rice tell him about the influx of Pakistan rice, but do not insult him telling him how he has been unable to work, yet he has not failed to work.

I beseech you our people, to look at your political interests, we do not eat politics. There will be people who will be elected and get positions. But you know you do not eat at my home.

If there is anything that will help you as people of Kirinyaga it is BBI. Not for anything else, but for anything else but for resourse allocation based on our population.

When you hear referendum turn out more than Thuraku and tell yourself it is about you.

So that when you go even to Narok or Kisumu or Nakuru to do business you are protected and accepted.

Do not insult each other. Even when Raila wants to come do his politics here let him so that your children are also accepted elsewhere.

If Kikuyus are told to come home we cannot all fit. We are in every place in Kenya.

In Government we are the majority. In Nakuru, in Eldoret, in Lamu, in Lajiado…every place we are the majority.

Stand with BBI. BBI is about us. It is going to help us. There is what I cannot say, because of cameras. You cannot buy a Kikuyu. When time comes I know you will all stand in the right side of history. We were the fighters in Mau Mau and we will deliver liberation for the next democrasy

On BBI and positions we are not adding, we are doing overall reduction of seats.

We have like 430 something seats in parliament. We will bring that down.

You can be in love, but you are going nowhere.

I told you about Raila, you did not listen to me.

All we want from Raila is for him to give us One Man, One Vote.

Because he holds the entire country we have to be

I have been to Kisii and Kisumu, it is one block, they do what he says.

I went to Kakamega and Mombasa and he controls that too. Even if you say you do not love Raila, will you pass BBI without him? Without the people he controls? Will you achieve what you want as Kikuyus without him?

Referendum will come. You know they (Raila”s People) will have to support us and protect our points.

So even if we love RUTO and he loves us, and we love him so deeply, if he cannot deliver One man, One Vote, One shilling, we have to say Let us help ourselves first.

Let us first take care of ourselves and take care of Mt.Kenya people.

We ensure that the law is friendly for our people, we ensure employment for our people and counter the narrative that Kikuyus dominate by saying we have more jobs because we are the majority.

That is democrasy.

Raila and his people agreed to assist us towards that goal.

At the top we are adding one position of PM and two deputies, but those are Titles.

The two are coming from parliament. So we are not adding anything.

You (Kikuyus) are 11m – can you agree to have no-one at the top? An office where you can knock and be heard?

Do not be mislead. I was the one who was identified as running mate. I was running mate for both sides.

But those from Western and Coast cannot agree, so we agreed to add positions so that everyone gets something.

Your votes are so many. The President came up with BBI to protect one man, one vote and deal with our problems.

We do not have a bad heart. We can love love each other but after analysing we see we are taking each other nowhere.”


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