December 4, 2022
Blogger blasts DP Ruto for neglect after DCI ordeal

A staunch Deputy President William Ruto blogger and defender who was recently picked by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations took to his twitter account to blast the Deputy President and his lieutenants  for abandoning him at his most hour of need.

The DCI picked the blogger as part of an elaborate investigations in a forged letter that incriminated a number of cabinet secretaries for plotting to murder the Deputy President.

Amedo Shair, whose real name and ethnicity is unknown, and had long been believed to be a troll or fake account, lamented how he was abandoned and neglected by the same people who kept in touch with him whenever he fought Ruto online wars.

The blogger came out after DP Ruto chief blogger Dennis Itumbi attempted to raise his whereabouts after his twitter activity abruptly stopped. Itumbi tried to blame the DCI, alleging that the state institution may be aware of where and what befell the blogger.

“I am safe and sound. My family helped me get out of trouble. I have halted this keyboard crap! I have withdrawn to private life. When I got captured WSR and his lieutenants didn’t make a big deal about me. Everyone of the trooped to Muthaiga where @OleItumbi  was held.”

@OleItumbi is the twitter username of Dennis Itumbi.




Source: kenyagist.COM

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