December 2, 2022
Anne Thumbi had initially refused to be subjected to a DNA test- lawyer Sifuna

The deceased lawmaker Ken Okoth’s family lawyer, Edwin Sifuna, on Friday, made an unnerving revelation concerning Okoth’s secret lover, Anne Thumbi.

According to Sifuna, Anne had initially refused to subject her son, Jayden Baraka Okoth, to a DNA test before the Kibra MP’s death.

The ODM secretary-General, who is acting for Okoth’s family, stated that he has been instructed to act for them and insisted there is no dispute.

According to Sifuna, the family is ready to give DNA samples to Anne and has already prepared a consent.

The family lawyer further added that, the widow, Monica Lavender Okoth already gave a go-ahead for the DNA test.

Further reports also stated that Anne was free to attend the funeral with her son and it is up to her to sign the consent form.

The lawyer also insisted that Ken will be cremated as per his wishes.

“It’s bad to subject the family to anguish by keeping the body for more days in the morgue,” Sifuna argued.

“They have not prevented her from going to the funeral. The consent has been filed in court that needs Anne’s signature. We are waiting for her lawyers to come out and tell their side,” he added.

This comes after Anne broke her silence over the alleged secret affair with the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth.

In a tell-all interview with Nation, she disclosed that the two met even before he became a legislator.

Their love affair remained hidden as Ken had a wife, Monica, whom he had met while studying in Austria.

The deceased and Jayden’s mother did not live together but Ken was actively involved in the boy’s life as a father figure.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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