December 2, 2022
What Governor Laboso, family and county communication team failed in terribly

The late Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso’s husband, Edwin Abonyo, on Thursday, narrated how President Uhuru Kenyatta’s calls sent shivers down his spine.

Speaking at the memorial service of his wife, Abonyo recalled that sometime in the past, he had put his phone on silent mode when President Kenyatta decided to call him.

He would later find out from his call logs that Uhuru had tried to reach him three times.

“There is a time he called when I had put my phone on silent. Then I came and found three missed calls. I’ve never sweat like that in my life,” Abonyo told mourners.

“I didn’t know what to do. How do I get to this man?” he wondered.

After failed attempts to return the president’s call, Laboso’s husband decided to try his luck with Uhuru’s secretary who told him she was already home from work.

Abonyo pleaded with her to help him reach the president and she encouraged him to keep trying and finally, he was able to speak to Uhuru.

The late governor’s husband also acknowledged Deputy President William Ruto’s support during the time the deceased was ill.

“At the point of going to India, it is him we talked with. He said ‘no no no you can’t come back to Kenya. You can’t give up my brother you can’t give up’.

“Convey my message to the president, he’s not here but I do hope I’ll be able to meet him,” Abonyo concluded.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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