October 3, 2022
4 DCI officers arrested in possession of bhang, contraband goods

Three officers attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) were, on Wednesday, October 2, arrested after they were caught smuggling bhang.

In a statement, DCI explained that the suspects were nabbed along Garissa-Thika Highway with Ksh239,500 and 245 kilograms of bhang.

The three suspects were identified as PC Japhet Fondo, PC Bob Otieno & APC Michael Mwangi.

The illegal drug had been carefully packed to appear like stones and was seized by a multi-agency team.

“Suspects; PC Japhet Fondo, PC Bob Otieno & APC Michael Mwangi placed in custody,” read the police statement in part.

Other contrabands that were impounded while being ferried using a government vehicle (Toyota Landruiser) included; six bags of rice (300Kgs baring GOK label) two bags of beans (100Kgs) six bags of sugar (25Kgs) contraband milk powder among other foodstuffs and laundry assortments.

DCI further announced that investigations into the incident had been lodged.

This comes after DCI arrested three other suspects in connection with the siphoning of Ksh900,000 from a granny’s bank account.

The three suspects, Antony Kaira, Kelvin Maina and Vivian Jelagat, illegally withdrew the money in four installments of Ksh300,030 (thrice) and Ksh70,000. They channeled the money to different sim cards.

Money recovered from the rogue DCI officers who were arrested smuggling bhang using government vehicle.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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