February 2, 2023
Zari uses witchcraft to get men- Akothee

Zari’s big lavish wedding finally went down on the much-anticipated date 18th July and Akothee has filled us with envy and curiosity with some of the crucial details.

One is, Zari has a brand new mansion. The Ugandan beauty who is Diamond’s ex has been publicizing the house from corner to corner as she is not one to shy away from showing off her blessings.

The mother of five is clearly harvesting houses from all her lovers as Diamond built her one in South Africa, and her late husband also left her one.

Akothee also congratulated her on getting a ring on top of the palatial home. She wasn’t lucky in getting the ring the last time and was left feeling a fool after their relationship with Diamond died. This time though, sis secured the bag all the way and Akothee, women empowerment boss wasted no time before applauding her.

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Babe they dint see it coming ??? cheers to the 2 major moves , Another mansion in your name and a ring on top ??? with 5 kids ,and lookingvlike a teenager, , I always warn people to mind their business they don’t listen, see now???, tonight some men will not have sex, the bitterness in their women ???, they go buy viosks today today , bikos zarina Tale Got a mansion ???LANES MY FUEND LANES? WOMEN EMPOWERMENT , dont even show them bae. The legs and waist is enough for us , the face is for you ?????? , hide the white ball for dem hiiiiiideeee ????, ??????? tell us MGANGA WAKO NI NANI [email protected] #Zarinachallenge ???? 2019 is done , lets meet 2020 @cebbie_koks_nyasego ????

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Akothee then went on to talk about Zari’s Kingbae and now mystery husband saying that she did the right thing in hiding his identity. Check out her hilarious message:

dont even show them bae. The legs and waist is enough for us , the face is for you ?????? , hide the white ball for dem hiiiiiideeee ????, ??
She then said the most absurd thing that has raised eyebrows among netizens. She asked for Zari’s witch’s number.

Akothee has been championing for the lass throughout this season even though Zari herself hasn’t posted any wedding updates. Many are speculating that the apparent ‘royal wedding’ never went down at all and some have even gone as far as claim that Zari has no man, it’s all a lie for clout and to make Dee jealous.

Well Akothee believes it and laughs at everyone who thinks Zari is lying.

While no one has had a chance to share a single picture of Zari’s wedding, Zari already shared her ring with her Kenyan friend Akothee. In April, Zari had said that they were waiting for a custom made rings so as to have their wedding. Take a look at the beautiful ring;

We’re all waiting for the wedding photos as Zari is known to share everything grand that happens to her.

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