You Should Be Very Angry And Very Mad.

OPEN LETTER TO KENYANS: You Should Be Very Angry And Very Mad.

Photo: Top performing governor and servant leader Prof Kivutha Kibwana- (PhD, Harvard ) of Makueni

“>By Dorcas Sakozy
Dear Kenyans,

You should be very angry and very mad.

You should be resolute in both your intense anger and in your blinding madness.

Kenyans, you should be angry that 60years after independence, a majority of you still do not have basic healthcare yet your children are “promised” laptops!

You should be hopping mad that the basic healthcare you supposedly have does not have specialists yet those responsible for planning and allocating resources to train, pay and retain the specialists can casually hop onto a plane and fly abroad – FOR SPECIALIZED TREATMENT!

Kenyans, you should be furious that instead of investing in efforts to increase the number of professionals able to provide healthcare – basic and specialized care – our supposedly independent and sovereign country chooses to import doctors from Cuba!


Your priorities are twisted to no end.

A self-named “Silicon Savanna” in a country of close to 50M citizens whose main hospital has thirty-one beds in its intensive care unit (ICU)!

Count that: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 beds available for family and friends needing critical care!

A people fixated on shopping malls and high-rises and big cars and even bigger bank accounts still raise funds to offset medical expenses and worse – are seen on video mourning the loss of a loved one – due to an overwhelmed, unappreciated and eventually indifferent healthcare professional!

If only that SGR could transform into a mobile ICU.

Why push for the Big Four when it is much easier and focused and relevant that the Big Four ought to be the Big One or Big two with the safety and health of Kenyans front-n-center of the agenda.

Unfortunately, we are now being sold the same story – recycled from several years ago; promises that have we’ve been told – repeatedly – that tomorrow will be better – a “Kenya Rising” – only if we pull together or follow some unidentified footsteps!

Dear Kenyans, for all the lies and failed promises resulting in the suffering and/or death of family and friends unable to get immediate medical attention or raise enough funds to fly abroad for treatment,

We should remember that an unhealthy people is a poor people and for that:



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