August 20, 2022
You Couldn't Stop Kenei's Murder, What About Reggae? - Atwoli To Ruto [VIDEO]

COTU boss Francis Atwoli bashed Deputy President William Ruto and his allies over demands for Uhuru to attend the Nakuru BBI rally. 

The COTU boss who has been a major critic of the deputy president said that nobody can stop a national movement of reggae. 

He was speaking at Tom Mboya College in Mombasa on March 6, during a workers’ meeting when he made the remarks. He asked what it would take the deputy president to stop reggae, a national movement if he was not able to stop the murder of Kenei.

“They murdered your staff like a chicken in cold blood and you could not, how do you stop a national reggae?” He stated.

Atwoli stated that those who wanted the president to come to the Nakuru BBI meeting to know that he cannot be ordered at any point. He was the commander in chief who does not follow or take ultimatums. 

“The president cannot be ordered around, he is the head of this country, he is not at the whips of anyone,” he explained

He added that the call for a referendum was unstoppable and that it would come. He called on the deputy president and his allies to prepare their troops for a referendum,

He explained that he would call all Kenyans to vote for the new changes that were meant to ensure that Kenyans get an equitable share of power, resources, and representation.

“We are very equal to the task and we will spread the message. If you don’t want to come to stay home. Just know we are headed to the referendum;” he concluded. 

Reggae was a national movement that cannot be stopped by anyone. He explained that Kenyans from all over the country had embraced the BBI initiative and it was time to change things.

He urged workers to individually air their issues to the BBI taskforce to ensure that their views had been captured well.  

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