Woman with Disability Uses Plastic Bottles to Build Orphanage

The Restoration Children's Home built with plastic bottles in Rubai, Kilifi County
  • Nafisa Khanbhai, the founder of the charity organization Dear Diary Initiative Kenya, has provided relief for some 38 orphans after she built a children’s home.

    The children’s home was built with 50,000 plastic waste bottles collected from different hotels, restaurants, schools, and conferences from Mombasa county.

    The orphanage is a four-bedroom house and has two bathrooms, a study area, an expansive living room area, a kitchen, and a dining area.

    The Restoration Children’s Home was built with plastic bottles in Rubai, Kilifi County.

    Nafisa, who is a Person Living with Disability (PWD), spent several years building the Restoration Children Home located near the Mazeras-Kaloleni road in Rabai, Kilifi County.

    According to the philanthropist, the building was completed this year and took seven years to complete, since the inception of the project in 2015.

    She borrowed the concept from Voi where she found a woman who had built a two-bedroomed house using plastic bottles.

    Nafisa, being a coast resident living in Mombasa, had also seen some Watamu Marine Park offices which were also erected using plastic bottles.

    Feeling inspired and looking to make a difference, she challenged herself to build a children’s home and decided to use plastic bottles to accomplish her daring feat.

    The PWD revealed the motivation of her choice of building materials, saying that she was a champion of environmental awareness and wanted to clean up the environment off the plastic waste.

    She was born with Spina Fida and is permanently disabled.

    She is also an author and has been supporting orphans and persons living with disabilities since age 19.

    Nafisa Khanbhai is a disabled environmental champion living in Mombasa County
    Nafisa Khanbhai is a disabled environmental champion living in Mombasa County.