Woman Surrenders, Confesses To Murdering Husband

  • Detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI)  from Kericho have opened investigations after a woman surrendered and confessed to having strangled her husband to death on Friday, July 30.

    The woman from Kapsurer village in Belgut confessed to having killed her husband due to domestic squabbles.

    The police moved the crime scene and found the husband inside the house where he had been murdered.

    Police Station
    Police Station

    According to neighbors, the two have been fighting frequently especially after consuming alcohol. The woman had just returned after being away for over a month following a case of domestic violence.

    The neighbors added that they noticed the incident at 6 am in the morning when the woman had fled the scene of the crime to go and report the incident.

    DCI detectives who visited the scene recovered some items from the house which they are going to use in their investigations.

    Confirming the incident Area Chief Weldon Mutai stated the family had five children who are still in school. 

    He urged the residents to report such incidences to prevent the incidences from recurring.

    “The family has five children, four are in school while the other one is still very young,” the chief stated.

    The body of the deceased was moved to Kericho morgue awaiting postmortem examinations.

    The suspect is will be arraigned in court to answer murder charges.

    crime scene
    A police crime scene
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