Woman Rep Esther Passaris Undergoes Thyroid Surgery at Nairobi Hospital

Woman Rep Esther Passaris Undergoes Thyroid Surgery at Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris on Thursday underwent a thyroidectomy at Nairobi Hospital.

In a video shared on Sunday, the MP indicated that she is recuperating well after the surgery which saw her lose both thyroid glands.

“I kept details of my thyroidectomy low key until I knew I was out of danger.

“I thank God for faith that reassured me that my work is not yet complete. I remain eager to learn and serve Him with humility,” Passaris stated.

Martha Karua visits Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris at hospital

The Woman Representative recounted how the side effects of the thyroid infection went unnoticed despite her being diagnosed with goitre for the last ten years.

For instance, Passaris noted that her face was a bit swollen, she had developed memory loss and also gained weight in the last few months.

Following a positive diagnosis, her personal physician Eva Njenga recommended that she should undergo the surgery under Doctor John Kariuki.

“The doctor said that he would decide on the way forward once he was in. On getting to the surgical table, he realized that the second thyroid was equally damaged so he decided to remove both.

“I will be on mdedication called levothyroxine for the rest of my life to do what the thyroid usually does,” she added.

Passaris indicated that other symptoms that went unnoticed include change in her temperament, losing her breath and fatigue.

Thanking medics who attended her at Nairobi Hospital including the nurses, Passaris indicated that there is need to come up with a system to appreciate those who go beyond the call of duty especially in public hospitals.

“I thank my good friend Martha Karua, Wavinya Ndeti, Mama Rachael and Hon. Patrick Muiruri, Florence Machio and all my staff and friends who got wind and came to visit. Thank you CS Amina Mohammed for your prayers and your compassion,” Passaris concluded.



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