November 29, 2022
Willy Pozee trolled after releasing “lamba nyonyo” song

Media personality Kamene Goro has for the first time explained why she has no respect for controversial singer Willy Paul Msafi.

Speaking on Xtian Dela’s vlog, Kamene said she can’t respect Pozze because he was very disrespectful to her.

“Do you know I have a major problem with him and I know people really wonder why I disrespect him? My first encounter with him was terrible,” she said.

“He was very disrespectful and that’s why I’m like you guys, I have no respect for that guy anymore.”

This is not the first time the sexy radio presenter has publicly expressed her differences with celebrities. Recently, Kamene said socialite Huddah Monroe has been selling herself, hence her vast wealth.

Kamene Goro questioned how an uneducated girl like Huddah could own a Range Rover and a Kileleshwa apartment.

“Has she been selling p**sy? A girl with standard three English owns a Range Rover and an apartment in Kileleshwa. What else have you been selling other than p**sy?” Kamene Goro said in a video that went viral.

Huddah hit back, saying, “A queen doesn’t get off her throne to address a peasant.”

Adding, “Only a b**** unsure of her position tries to prove herself. What is understood, doesn’t need to be explained. I am never oblivious to the reality of anything in life. Playing cool doesn’t mean playing a fool. It just means I am in control of the situation.”

Source: kenyagist.COM

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