Why we support Raila Uhuru trip to China to negotiate Nairobi-Kisumu SGR Loan

Why we support Raila Uhuru trip to China to negotiate Nairobi-Kisumu SGR Loan

By Kamasasa E

Prime Minister Raila Odinga will on Tuesday is set accompany president Uhuru to China to negotate loan to finance SGR from Nakuru – Kisumu – Busia.

Key points here:

1. This is a plus for taxpayers in Western side of the country including Narok, Bomet, Nyamira/Kisii, Luo Nyanza, Luyha nation and Nandi and Teso. The region has suffered for long using buses and long hours driving. Let them also enjoy the proceeds from the loans that all the living and yet to be born Kenyans will pay dearly. Otherwise they would be repaying loans for infrastructure that they only read on newspapers

2. As NASA presidential candidate, Raila warned Kenyans about Jubilee heavy foreign borrowing. Instead, the millions especially those in Rift Valley and Mt Kenya region castigated him, called him Lord of poverty, anti development, mugoroki, mganga, mzee wa vitendawili etc, the regime dispatched police to maim and kill protestors. The Western Kenya circuit of mainly Kisii, Luo,Kipsigis and Luyha are all solid behind Raila and are ok with his move to get a little of the Jubilee pie to the region. A section of Kenyans can’t be electing thieves and expect Raila to man the resources. Lets all join the thieves so that the voter can make sense, lets suffer together and enjoy the ruins together.

3. Eldoret misses the SGR. You can interpret on your own….

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