Why Uhuru is determined to Kill Jubilee Party

Why Uhuru is determined to Kill Jubilee Party

By Sospeter Mwangi

First is that with Uhuru set to be PM in 2022, he has to run for Gatundu MP and that’s Moses Kuria beef. At worst Uhuru will rest for one term, then make a comeback at age 64 yrs as PM or some executive official extraordinaire. With his presidency and legacy soiled or sabotaged by his DP, Uhuru wants a second chance to prove that as a person he is competent, which he can prove in a disguised 3rd term.

Secondly, to become a PM Uhuru needs a monolithic party or movement in which he is the top dog, and that, I suspect will be or is Murathe’s new party.

Third, is that for those who understand the cardinal war instructions is that once you use a device, vehicle or weapon, you should never abandon it in the war field as the enemy may use it to subdue you. If you can’t carry it with you, destroy it. You saw this at play during the Osama Bin Laden raid when the chopper that crashed was set on fire by Seal Team 6, to ensure that radar-evading stealth technological know-how doesn’t fall in the hands of the enemy.

This is why – Jubilee- Uhuru’s vehicle to the presidency is now a liability rather than an asset, and which has to now be destroyed, dismantled, and obliterated to clear the way for Uhuru’s post-2022 survival. It is no longer in Uhuru’s interest to maintain Jubilee as a going concern, and the ultimate outcome will be its death, and in its place a new outfit or coalition that isolates Ruto, replete with a defacto Uhuru Deputy. Ruto’s power and influence will continue to diminish as the anti-corruption drive intensifies in the next few months.

Lastly, Murathe’s exit from the echelons of Jubilee marks the beginning of Uhuru’s post-2022 political destiny. Next time you will hear is that Murathe has either bought or registered a party listing him as an official. That will be Uhuru’s 2022 vehicle. The truth is that Ruto has been passively showing aggression towards Uhuru, as DP and the 2017 Jubilee nominations was the stroke that broke the camel’s back. That was Ruto’s first punch, and it shall be responded to in kind. The handshake was the Uhuru counterpunch. Murathe’s remark was another punch. Resignation is to keep the anti-Ruto momentum and rebellion fire burning. Next step is to consolidate and to sustain the gains. Murathe’s plate is full.

What will be Ruto’s counterpunch? Will Ruto go down fighting. Gr8 day Nairobi. Am out.


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