Why Kenya will not ban use of Boeing 737 max planes, KQ has zero, everything looted

Government sets 2 emergency support centers at JKIA following plane crash in Ethiopia

By Jerome Ogola

It is emerging that Kenya will not be grounding any BOEING 737 Max, because it has none. KQ, it’s national carrier has been raped to death by the cartels

Even if it had, still Kenya still wouldn’t have had a reason to stop flying them. In any case, we prefer defective things. Aren’t we the people who trust seasoned thieves and hard core criminals with our taxes?

The more faulty it is, the more we prefer it. Even a traffic cop really wants you to drive a dilapidated ramshackle, so that you can part with kitu kidogo. You disappoint him by driving a new car

A rickety jalopy, approaching a police roadblock, from a distance, gives them an instant orgasm. A truck ferrying charcoal is a jackpot. They literally drool for that

When I said an old car, I meant one like that of Wahome Wa Mutahi, christened Whispermobile, which he would invite an entire village to help push every morning. They would push it for at least one kilometer, then it would emit a cloud of dark smoke, cough twice, then roar into life

He would then speed off without even thanking the human starters, because stopping to do so, would be tempting the engine to go off again, forcing a repeat of the one kilometer push

We love things which don’t work. Some of the fighter jets recently procured by the Air Force, bought second hand, are machines which were used in the second world War. By Kenyan standards, these are very modern machines. If we trust a 70 fighter jet, then why doubt the safely of a two year old commercial jet?

Someone joked that the police chopper which killed PC Chelanga and other government officials, was unairwodthy. I hear the pilot was seen sucking fuel from its carburetor, and adjusting a few things using a pliers, before getting in to switch on the engine

He took off but didn’t get far before the machine decided it must come back down. It succumbed to the pull of gravity, killing all on board

We are naturally in love with old or faulty things. Those who have been here long enough, know how weather beaten the matatus plying Eldoret town estates are

These jalopies are all old, ugly,tired, dilapidated, rusty and rickety.They also look like they can roll anytime.

A tetanus jab should be made a mandatory requirement for anyone intending to visit the town because you never know when any of the rusty protruding metals will prick you

When we buy a pair of Jeans, we must take it to some rats to gnaw and puncture it to make it trendy, making it difficult to tell a trending young man, from a genuine mad man

These young men ape these designs from American movies and song videos. What they do not know is that the people they see in the screans are acting, yet they (the youth) are living their real lives

Do not be surprised to hear Kenya has bought the planes that has been decommissioned and grounded by other countries, because our love for things which don’t work, is just too overwhelming!

Great evening my fellow hoof eaters!!


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