August 20, 2022
Why Itumbi Rejected Ksh30M in 10-Minutes Deal at State House
Digital strategist and blogger Dennis Itumbi took to social media on Friday, February 14 to narrate a time when he nearly fell for a deal that would have made him easy money. 

He alleged that during the time he was based at State House, he was approached by a person he considered a friend, with a deal that would see him earn Ksh30 million in 10 minutes. All he had to do was offer the friend his office for the said period of time.

“A friend once called me, he had an idea of how I would make quick millions in an easy deal. We all want money, so I drove to the Nairobi hotel. The deal was simple. The pay was massive Ksh15 million for a very easy job on my part.

“All I needed to do is clear a list of three people to come see me in my office at State House, plus my friend and one more person,” he recounted.

He was to allow the friend to take his seat as if it was his office and the entire operation was to last a maximum of 10 minutes.

His payment would then be delivered in two lawyer briefcases and in dollars.

“The deal looked too good. My role too easy,” Itumbi confessed.

Better yet he was not going to be part of whatever would be discussed in the deal. The visitors would not even be aware of his presence.

The blogger asked for 24 hours to contemplate and respond to the offer. 

Itumbi stated that immediately, he drove to the All Saints Cathedral to seek divine intervention or at least seek insight from God. “No answer from God,” Itumbi admitted.

This prompted him to further seek advice from two of his friends, who both asked him to do what he thought was right.

“I then dialled two friends. One after listening told me, ‘unfortunately, I can only tell you do what your conscience says’. The other told me, ‘do not do it, remember in Nairobi we came to sell ideas, not shortcuts’,” Itumbi stated.

“My inner being said, ‘easy money make it,” he added.

After 24 hours Itumbi had not responded to the offer and admitted to struggling with the decision.

The friend called him and offered 12 more hours to decide and even entice him into the deal, ” beyond what you get, there will be a similar amount if the deal goes through” he was promised.

“This was the easiest cash I was going to make in my life. The risk was too low,” he thought to himself.

“I debated within myself. I was on both ends of the rope,

“Finally, I picked my phone and called my friend, “I am sorry bro, No deal” Itumbi revealed.

He revealed that the friend pleaded with him to at least reconsider but he said no, ” sorry let me keep the trust it is more valuable,” Itumbi responded.

He could hear him sigh in disappointment but literally two days later, a whole team of people were arrested at State House for attempted fraud and cash almost the figure he had been promised was recovered.

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