May 28, 2022
Why even BBI can’t change Kenya, we must suffer more to wake up

BY Aoko Otieno via fb

Kenyans will elect -thrice- souls accused of crimes against humanity…
Defend a legislator caugt on camera shooting an unarmed guy…
But will want to advise you on who you should hang out with. A person whose only crime is chewing readily available bimbos. Aren’t some of us painfully simple minded.
In other news, I have told men time and again, there are no Diamonds to be mined in a pussy. If age has become your shadow, exercise and eat right.
Now look at that Senator- two wives but still wants to die over these Apartmento tarts. If you have made money and that woman is attracted to nothing but your title and resources, then the onus is on her to make you cum. Not the other way round. Sit, make yourself comfortable and let her beg it, suck it, massage it, sing for it until it emerges from its slumber. If she wants to enact a kamasutra show, there are able bodied, young men around.
Why pay your money and risk death trying to prove nonsense? Hata uchimbe hadi kesho, hata maji utatoa hapo haiezi jaza kikombe so what’s with the blue pills?

Why even BBI can’t change Kenya, we must suffer more to wake up


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