What Raila must do to teach this sick Ruto political lesson

What Raila must do to teach this sick Ruto political lesson

If I were Jakom, I would kick Aisha Jumwa out, then force a byelection and win big and regain an aura of invincibility. High risk, high returns.

Also kick out one of the Luo mjuaji MPs and have 2 by elections- Malindi and another Luo Nyanza. That would settle this debate as to whether “Baba Pok Pek” (Baba is still potent”).

I acknowledge that its a risk, even Kibaki Tosha was a risk, merger was a risk, referendum was a risk, handshake was a risk…. those who don’t take risks don’t attempt, those who won’t attempt, don’t dare, if u cant attempt u cant win.

There comes a time, when u gotta sink deeper in debt to get out of debt. Trump, Obama all took risks, and became presidents. Raila has to think big like a winner, or sink deep like a whiner… after all, at 74 he would just resign if humiliated. And then concentrate on AU infrastructure docket. He has nothing to lose. The circumcised man has gotta take the war to the door-step of the enemy.

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