What is my expectations on the state of the Nation address?

What is my expectations on the state of the Nation address?

1. I expect the president to address himself to the big Four agenda.

In the big Four he will answer the question why coffee farmers in Mt Kenya region are still complaining about low prices and what his goverment will do to correct this situation.

In the big Four he will address the Farmers in Western and why he has to tripple sugar imports from Uganda while western sugar companies are dying.

In the big Four he will tell us why our grandmother’s in the village cannot sell their eggs because we have cheap eggs from Uganda.

In the big Four he will tell us why at this day and age Turkana is not under irrigation yet we were told they discovered water that can feed the entire Kenya in 70 years.

Under the big Four Mr. President must tell us why two years down the line we do not see the cheap housing schemes for low and middle income earners he promised.

He must tell us why Manufacturing is expensive in Kenya and cheap in Uganda.

He must tell us why the cost of energy is higher in Kenya than Uganda and what he plans to do to bring that cost down…

If I was to list my expectations Mr. President you would walk in the chambers before I exhaust them but let me quickly tell you what not to discuss.

1. You must not discuss the handshake. Straight Men in my opinion don’t discuss a mere handshake with a fellow man for more than a year.

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2. You must not issue threats on corruption. A tiger does not pronounce it’s tigritude.. it pounces. Equally tell the people mandated to fight corruption wapunguze mdomo tuone watu jela. We are still waiting for the mega high profile arrest they declared a month ago on Arror and Kimwarer 21 Billion scandal.

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa


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