We will win on earth, in heaven and even in hell

Miguna Miguna: We will win on earth, in heaven and even in hell

Opposition fiery lawyer Miguna Miguna has once again sent a message to Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. In a statement through his social media pages the deported lawyer reiterated his earlier sentiments of winning the case at any level because of what he believes is right.

The despots and their sycophants are desperate and in denial. Justices Wakiaga, Kimaru, Aburili, Odunga and Mwita – 5 High Court Judges and 3 Justices of the Court of Appeal have all ruled in my favour 15 times because they applied the evidence and law. We will win on earth, in heaven and even in hell. Let them appeal! #SayNoToUjinga!”

“When some of you repeat the fiction that you don’t have power, that you are weak and an ordinary person, you are helping tyrants oppress you. “Power” is your mind, your energy, time and effort. Use them! Don’t repeat the myth that you don’t have power. You do!

“Power” is not money. “Power” is not a gun. Power is in your numbers.

We, the oppressed and economically exploited Kenyans are in our tens of millions while the tyrants like Uhuru Kenyatta and their cowardly collaborators like Raila Odinga are a tiny fraction.

We are more powerful than they are. All you need to do is stand up, stop looking for excuses, and overthrow them. They cannot shoot one million people!

Organise! Mobilise! #SayNoToUjinga!”

This is pure primitivity. Kenya is not a private ESTATE belonging to Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. Leadership of a country cannot be determined by ethnic meetings between two or more families with cheering brainless sycophants. Kenyans want and deserve SUBSTANTIVE JUSTICE, social justice, electoral justice and REVOLUTIONARY transformation.

The Hand-Cheque was a CONSPIRACY of the despots to sabotage our radical revolution. They delayed us but they won’t and cannot stop us.



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