We Will Not Vote DP Ruto 2022, You Not Kill our People Again -Hon Ngunjiri tells senator Cheragei

We Will Not Vote DP Ruto 2022, You Not Kill our People Again -Hon Ngunjiri tells senator Cheragei

By Hon Ngunjiri Wambungu

HON CHERAGEI – ‘NEVER AGAIN’ means ‘NEVER AGAIN’. And it’s not dependant on your ‘kindness’

Senator. unanikasirishanga saa ingine. I once raised this issue on Citizen & you ducked it.

In 2007 ODM lost elections and they were very very unhappy. There was then the so-called ‘spontaneous’ violence that was however very strategically targeted primarily against Kikuyus in the Rift Valley, by ODM.

In 2013 & 2017 ODM again lost elections. They were again very very unhappy. However this time around there was no ‘spontaneous’ violence targeted against any specific community.

As I told you – and of important note – is that the only key difference in the ODM of 2007 & that of 2013/2017, is that particular leaders from Rift Valley left in between.

Now the associates of the leaders from RV who left ODM are the ones fear-mongering & beating the drums of war about possible violence, again in Rift Valley, if ‘they’ lose in 2022.

We are not idiots Senator. Just continue behaving with this sense of entitlement you have and 2019 will be your worst year yet.

The Wakanda say – ‘Mûndû ndaîtagwo nî nyama îrîa î kanyûa; aitagwo nî îrîa î thanî’

BTW Senator;
You have brought this issue up. Let me remind you that the ‘never again’ agreed upon in 2013 was not dependant on your ‘favour’ as Kalenjin leaders. I assure you that the region, the nation, the continent and the world, will never again allow people to kill other people, or throw a 2 y.o. in a church they are burning; for politics. Never again. Not for anyone.


Blogger and junior lawyer Wahome Thuku adds:

TODAY through tomorrow we will remember 30+ Kenyans who were burnt alive at Kiambaa church in Eldoret 10 years ago on 2nd January 2008. We will do so by just recalling the narrations of those who witnessed it all.
Non of us was inside that church.
Non of us know what they went through
Non of us can purport to have forgiven the perpetrators on their behalf.
Non of us can stop the other from recalling and talking about it.
We can only remember them and pray that we never become them.


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