We don’t care what Kikuyus want to do with DP Ruto, we support handshake

We don’t care what Kikuyus want to do with DP Ruto, we support handshake

It always leaves me in stitches whenever i read posts that suggest that Raila is being played by Jubilee, mara that Ruto’s pact with Uhuru is intact, mara Murathe is Ruto’s biggest campaigner, mara that the handshake is some grand scheme to neuter Raila politically once and for all, mara that the Kikuyu will have a candidate in 2022 and the ‘Thuraku’ will vote for that candidate to a man ~ or to an ant if you like ~ and that they are engaged in a game of deception. And so on.

Let me tell you the truth about us ODM/Raila supporters. We ~ in all honesty ~ don’t give a fuck! We gave so many fucks throughout the 3 election cycles that our election victories were stolen, that we ran out of fucks. We have no more fucks to give. In all honesty, we don’t give a fuck if Ruto, Peter Kenneth, Waiguru, Moi, Mudavadi, Murathe or even Moses Kuria became President.

We blogged and begged, you mocked and taunted us. When we took to the streets to protest and demonstrate, you asked the Police why so many of their bullets were missing their targets. We were murdered, shot, killed, maimed, assaulted, raped, robbed while you either stayed conveniently mum, or cheered the Police and the Mungiki. You were in ‘Kafamen’, and ‘Muthamaki’ and his ‘Kafamen’ had to be protected.

The Church, the media, civil society, the diplomats, corporates, parliament and everyone else put in their best efforts to prop up their ‘God chosen’ regime. We got to a point ~ even before the handshake ~ when we realised that there is nowhere it is written that we are the only ones that must care or die for this country. After all, we’ll all pay the Chinese loans together. And plant Avocados together. We had run out of fucks to give.

When you see us commenting on the 2022 shenanigans, don’t imagine even for a minute that we care for one side or the other. We are just stoking the fire so that the two ‘Kilkenny cats’ fight so viciously that they dissipate into nothingness. We want the idiots who thought that corruption, tribalism, impunity, electoral fraud and all those other ills only affect or harm Raila and his followers to wake up and plant Avocados so that next time we approach elections they use their brains better.

Meanwhile, we ain’t got no more fucks to give!


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