November 29, 2022

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s lawyer, on Tuesday, revealed how the embattled politician will outsmart an order by the High Court barring him from accessing his office.

The governor was given three conditions by the court, including not being able to access his office and depositing all his passports in court, failure to which his Ksh15 million cash bail will be cancelled.

In a report carried by The Standard, Waititu’s lawyer Tom Ojienda argued that Waititu was only barred from accessing his office.

That did not mean that he could not carry out his duties from any other place including his home.

Ferdinand Waititu’s lawyer Tom Ojienda.

“The ruling did not stop him from being the governor. He was only stopped from accessing his office and can, therefore, choose to work from home or set up another office to do his work.

“A governor does not necessarily need an office to do his work,” argued Ojienda.

The lawyer’s point of view was supported by his colleague Ahmednassir Abdullahi who argued that Waititu could virtually set up an office anywhere in this country.

“Since babayao (Waititu) is barred from accessing the governor’s office in Kiambu, I offer the considered legal opinion that he can open a new office in Limuru, Thika, Gatundu, Kikuyu, Kiambaa and continue discharging his constitutional duties as governor of Kiambu.

“It’s the person of babayao that was elected governor of Kiambu, not the office in Kiambu… The address of the governor can always be changed,” stated Abdullahi.

Shortly after the governor was barred from his office, Kiambu Deputy Governor, James Nyoro, held a meeting with chief officers and CECs.

While speaking to journalists after the meeting, on Tuesday afternoon, Nyoro affirmed that he was now in charge of the county affairs.

“We have had our first meeting and we are ready to work together. I am now in charge and the CECs and all county officials are ready to work with me. 

“At this point, we are not talking about making changes, but we will work together as a team,” he declared.

Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro poses for a photo in his office.

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