Violence Breaks Out After Nairobi Police Kill Resident Over Curfew

Protests in Kayole, Nairobi
  • Violent protests erupted in Kayole, Nairobi during the morning hours of Thursday, August 19, after it emerged that patrolling police officers had killed a resident the night before. 

    John Kiiru was apparently clobbered to death for violating the 10pm-4am curfew.

    The victim was riding a Boda Boda home when police officers apprehended him. In the scuffle that ensued, the rider of the motorbike escaped narrowly.

    Kiiru later sent a message to his wife after he was arrested at around 12.30 am on Thursday, August 19. He indicated his apprehension by law enforcement officers at Tushariane Stage.

    A photo capturing protests against police brutality in Kayole, Nairobi.

    On the morning of August 19, his body was found at the scene where he was grievously harmed and left to succumb. Immediately, protesters got into action, calling for justice for the departed. spoke to James Kianga, a resident of the area in Kayole who confirmed the severity of the protests.

    Aggrieved youths took to the streets, barricaded roads and lit bonfires.

    As at the time of publishing, the youth were still engaging police in running battles with multiple teargas canisters being lobbed. 

    Protests in Kayole, Nairobi
    A photo capturing protests over police brutality in Kayole on August 19, 2021.