May 27, 2022
Entrance to Kisumu Police Headquarters
  • Over 11 Students of Lake Victoria Primary school in Nyalenda, Kisumu County were rushed to hospital after a vehicle rammed into their classroom during an ongoing lesson.

    According to preliminary reports, the incident is reported to have occurred a few minutes past 0900hrs Thursday, February 17, as the students were attending their second lesson.

    Consequently, police have launched investigations into the matter even as it was reported that the driver of the saloon car lost control while plying the Joel Omino – Tom Mboya road in Nyalenda B, Kisumu county.

    Entrance to Kisumu Police Headquarters.

    The issue was first reported on a Facebook page named Nyanza traffic, where images of the incident were posted.

    “A driver of a salon car lost control and veered off the road between (Joel Omino-Tom Mboya) on the Ring Road, Nyalenda B and ram into Lake Victoria Primary School.

    “12 pupils were injured and taken to Nyalenda Health Center. Their teacher who was teaching is still shocked can’t talk and the children too. Traffic police visited the scene and the victims at the health facility,” read the post.

    According to Thomas Otieno, a clinical officer at the Nyalenda Health Center, the hospital was assessing the degree of injuries sustained by the students stating that all of them were in a stable condition.

    Additionally, area residents lamented over the location of the school stating that it was too close to the road. 

    They asked the government to relocate the school to ensure the safety of the children. The residents further raised concerns over the sorry state of the school infrastructure.

    The school has semi-permanent structures as most of the classrooms are made of wood and iron sheets.

    After the collapse of a classroom of the Precious Talent school in Dagorreti in September 2019, many education stakeholders questioned the standard of buildings in some schools across the country even as the government promised to carry out inspection of the school.

    “The building was constructed using timber and iron sheets and it seems their weight could not be supported by the construction,†Dagoretti OCPD George Seda stated then.

    A Kenyan police officer pictured at a crime scene.
    A Kenyan police officer pictured at a crime scene.

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