August 15, 2022
  • V-Power, a performance fuel sold by Shell PLC, standouts as the most expensive petroleum product in the country. Before Energy and Petroleum Regulations Authority (EPRA) announced new pump prices on Thursday, April 14, it was retailing at Ksh159 per litre in Nairobi.

    Despite being very pricy, most auto manufacturers and mechanics advise motorists to use it, not for marketing purposes but because of its proven performance.

    V-Power is a differentiated premium unleaded that is designed with enhanced specifications and attributes allowing all types of engines to achieve their full potential in terms of performance.

    This type of fuel achieves its high-performance potential by controlling and eliminating efficiency and power-robbing conditions in the engine.

    A Car refilling at Shell Petrol station with V-Power Fuel

    With most motor vehicle manufacturing companies embracing smaller engines, V-Power is prescribed to motorists as it gives slow burn and prevents premature ignition.

    Motorists are further advised to use V-Power as it is designed with Friction Modification Technology (FMT) to reduce loss of engine power and fuel due to heat and friction between the engine pistons and cylinder walls.

    “It helps engines to perform better by reducing uncontrolled combustion enabling the engine to extract more energy available from the fuel and deliver improved performance and efficiency,” Shell states on its website.

    Experts argue that V-Power is developed with enhanced specifications to allow small engines run at their peak with maximum efficiency at the same time.

    It also employs the use of the Dynaflex technology and nitrogen containing detergents that protect key fuel system components such as the valve, fuel injectors, and lines.

    “V-Power’s enhanced cleaning formulation works three times more to clean and prevent a buildup of the above performance robbing elements. The combination of the above Shell V-Power attributes will unleash the powerful beast in your small motor car and motorcycle engines,” one car expert told

    In Kenya, most motorists prefer using V-Power fuel when covering long distances. One motorists who spoke to noted that he prefers using it due to its high combustion rate.

    V-Power also has some cleaning clement. Over a period of months of use, V-Power can remove substantial amounts of buildup. 

    Despite being expensive, most motorists still prefer using it over what they term as its ability to keep the engine healthy. 

    However, some motorists prefer using the Total Excellium which is also considered efficient for the engine. The product helps to maintain engine performance over time by protecting the injector from all types of deposits, internal and external. 

    An aerial photo showing motorists lining up for fuel at a fuel Station in Kileleshwa on Saturday, April 2, 2022.
    An aerial photo showing motorists lining up for fuel at a fuel Station in Kileleshwa on Saturday, April 2, 2022.

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