August 19, 2022

An unknown Kenyan painter has for the first time gained international recognition from a US TV personality thanks to an online challenge started by Milele show host Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o.

It all started when the artist, Collins Omondi Okello, created a pencil drawing of famous TV personality Steve Harvey.

He later posted the drawing online with the caption, ‘Pencil drawing in progress of Steve Harvey by me, with love from Kenya. Help me tag him so he can see it.’ He then tagged Jalang’o.

Jalang’o shared the drawing on his Instagram and challenged online users to make 1000 comments that would compel Harvey to comment on the drawing.


A painting of Steve Harvey by Kenyan artist Collins Omondi.


A few hours later, the boisterous US media personality famed for his daytime TV show dubbed ‘Steve’ responded with an uplifting message to the Kenyan artist.

“Everyone has a God-given gift. This is what following your gift looks like, just incredible,” wrote Harvey.

The piece of art was a headshot of the vibrant Harvey complete with authentic reflection, wrinkled eyes filled with mirth and his signature moustache.

Jalang’o’s co-host, Alex Mwakideu, also jumped onto the challenge that ensured the painting got noticed by the US media maestro.

“Steve Harvey come right here! You won’t believe this my brother! I know we always talk on the phone about doing a show focusing on the talent Africans have… Let’s start with this young man called Omondi,” shared Mwakideu.

Other media personalities took the opportunity to raise Omondi’s business acumen by making their own orders.

“I don’t know the guy personally so could you do some work for me? That’s the best I can do, apart from a retweet,” shared Larry Asego.


Steve Harvey's response after seeing a painting bearing his image by Kenyan Artist Collins Omondi.

Steve Harvey’s response after seeing a painting bearing his image by Kenyan Artist Collins Omondi.


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