Untold Story of Man Shot Dead During Kianjokoma Protests

Brother to the Man Shot Dead During Protests in Kianjokoma on August 4
  • Angry members of the public on August 4, took to the street to protest the murder of two Embu brothers, Benson Njiru, 22, and Emmanuel Mutura, 19,  in Kianjokoma.

    During the protests, a youngman was shot dead. The death got very little attention, but for the first time, the family of the shot youngman has come out to demand justice.

    Speaking to Ktn News TV on Wednesday, August 18, the father to Moses Kimathi, Mzee Njiru opened up, narrating what exactly happened. He said that on the fateful day, he had sent his son to cut grass for feeding his cows at a farm he owns near Kianjokoma trading center.

    Brother to the Man Shot Dead During Protests in Kianjokoma on August 4

    Later on the day, he was called by Kimathi’s brother who informed him that his son had been shot dead in the protests after angry residents overturned a police car and set it on fire. The protests had turned violent after the angry residents barricaded the Manyatta Police Station, and lit bonfires along the road to protest the killing of the two Embu brothers.

    John Ndwiga, the last born in Mzee Njiru’s family, works near the scene where his brother Kimathi was shot and was able to identify him by the clothes he was wearing. He went further to turn his face up to confirm that it was indeed his brother who was lying in a pool of blood.

    Ndwiga narrated that he found his brother shot and the bullet had hit his eye and found its way out from the back of his head. His brain was damaged.

    “I identified Kimathi by the clothes he was wearing. I turned him around a little bit and confirmed he was my brother. I found him shot in the eye, with the bullet exiting through the back of his head, brains damaged,” Ndigwa stated.

    The family is now demanding justice, stating that since the incident occurred they have never received any information from the police of the government concerning their kin.

    They are accusing the government of downplaying the incident. They are pleading with the government to intervene for them to get justice, just like the family of the two Kianjokoma brothers.

    “We have not received any information about Kimathi’s death, only the Kianjokoma one is going on. We are sad wondering whether our case was just thrown away. We are pleading with the government to reciprocate the actions it has taken regarding the murder of Embu brothers to our family,” Ndwiga pleaded.

    His father reiterated the same sentiments adding that the murder left him with a lot of pain.

    Kimathi was buried on Saturday, August 14, a day after the Kianjokoma brothers were buried.

    So far, The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) recommended that the six officers implicated in the death of the Kianjokoma brothers be charged with murder.

    According to a statement released on Monday, August 16, the Authority advocated for the officers to be relieved off their duties, to surrender all firearms and any other government stores in their possession within the shortest time possible. They are also required to be available in order to aid IPOA with investigations when called upon.

    The six are Corporal Consolota Njeri, Corporal Benson Mbuthia, Constable Lilian Cherono, Constable Martin Wanyama, Constable Nicholas Sang and Constable James Mwaniki who was the Driver.

    Police officers implicated in the murder of two brothers in Kianjokoma in court on August 17 2021
    Police officers implicated in the murder of two brothers in Kianjokoma in court on August 17 2021