February 2, 2023
Uhuru's Phone Call Saves 95-Year-Old Widow From Eviction

For Truphena Akoth Otak, 95, her day of miracle came after her story was published in The People Daily on July 9 2019.

Barely two weeks ago, sadness and despair were all she knew as her family stared at eviction from land they have occupied for more than 48 years.

Her late husbands kin had conspired to evict her from the piece of land during her sunset year.

A photo of a happy Truphena

According to the Media max owned newspaper, during their second visit, the widow looked more lively and rejuvenated.

She explained to them that on the same day after her story was run on the paper President Uhuru Kenyatta called the national government officials in Siaya. 

“The President needed a clear history of the land and a report filed,” revealed Ugenya sub-county commissioner Pamela Atieno.

Atieno was dispatched to visit the family in Jera Village by Nyanza Regional Commissioner James Kianga.

She was accompanied by Assistant County Commissioner, the local chief and his assistant.

The widow narrated how she felt scared when she saw the government officials and thought they had come to execute the eviction orders.

“We believed we had lost the battle and our hope of ever occupying this land was completely shattered. But we were wrong. The President had sent a team to rescue us,” she narrated.

Atieno divulged that the government was in the process of hiring a lawyer to file an appeal against the High Court verdict that directed that the old woman, her son and grandchildren be evicted.

The cost of the suit will be met by the State.

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