August 11, 2022
Uhuru’s Niece Receives Special Surprise on Her Birthday –

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  • KICC CEO Nana Gecaga (right) shares a light moment with comedian Teacher Wanjiku during a night out on February 16, 2020.


  • President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece Nana Gecaga received a special surprise from friends and acquaintances during her birthday celebration.

    In a video posted on her Instagram account on Saturday, March 14, Nana indicated that she was preparing for a photo shoot at a hotel in the city when her friends came together to throw her a surprise party.

    “When the surpriser becomes the surprised. Thank you so much to everyone for pulling this off. As you can see I was totally surprised…

    “Here I am I’m [sic] thinking I’m doing a shoot at the pool only to find out that my friends have put together a surprise pre-birthday party in between the shooting. I truly appreciate all this, and thank you,” she wrote.

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    The KICC Managing Director Nana Gecaga goes about her daily activities in her office.


    In the video, Gecaga was seen coming out of the hotel room ready for the shoot unaware of her friends waiting outside the room, who startled her with shouts of ‘surprise’ when she walked out.

    She was then treated to traditional Luhya folk songs from a band that had been positioned outside the hotel gates as they made their way in to join her at the door.

    The KICC CEO was then made to dance alongside the band as the chants of the Luhya folk songs rocked the air, complete with drums and jingles and makeshift tools including soda bottles.

    The pre-planned photo shoot sessions quickly turned into a party of sorts as everything in the hotel came to a standstill as the attention shifted to the party.

    The end of the two folk songs ushered in the famous ‘happy birthday song’, but with a fast-paced rendition that reflected the atmosphere of excitement generated by the guests and the visitors present.

    The surprise was capped with a cake from one of the guests at the party.

    Among some of her friends who planned the surprise birthday was Pinky Ghelani.

    Also present were Capital FM presenter Fareed Khimani, celebrated photographer David Macharia and event gurus Chris and Cate Kirwa

    Also present was her cousin Soiya Gecaga who is well known for her work in philanthropy in the country.   ©   2020   All Rights Reserved

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