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Uhuru’s Employee Opens up on Being Robbed Together With Jeff Koinange

  • State House Director of Brand Strategy and Events Thomas Kwaka famously known as Big Ted, recalled how he was robbed while in the company of Citizen TV journalist Jeff Koinange.

    Speaking during an interview on NTV’s The Wicked Edition hosted by Dr Kingo’ori on Friday, February 11, Ted revealed that he was ambushed around the Yaya Centre area in Nairobi.

    The entertainment guru and the award-winning journalist were running some errands when they bumped into the men Ted believed were thugs.

    Renowned journalist Jeff Koinange at the Citizen TV studios
    Jeff Koinange

    Noticing the unusual turn of events, Jeff scampered for safety and ran away from the gang that threatened to rob them. 

    Making fun of the ordeal, Ted further revealed that it was at that moment that he realised Koinange would speak Swahili fluently and even run. There exists a joke that the anchor, famous for his golden goose voice, struggles to speak and read Swahili. 

    Ted, however, did not reveal if they lost property or were hurt in the melee. He further did not disclose the day nor the year the incident happened.

    “One day I was walking with Jeff Koinange in Yaya center then some men ambushed us. Jeff Koinange noticing them and did not hesitate, he even started speaking in Swahili,” Ted stated.

    Big Ted, further shared how he enjoyed with President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Veteran event host explained that Uhuru is very accessible, making Ted’s work even more efficient.

    “The President is a very easy person. The Head of State is very accessible, his sophistication is simple.”

    But he also noted that, just like any workplace there is a structure and tight protocols that must be followed in State House. While hosting state events, Ted must as well strictly adhere to all guidelines set in line with his work.

    Despite being in one of the jobs considered lucrative, Ted refuted reports that he was being paid handsomely and was living a lavish life. 

    “A few weeks ago I realized that I was on my last lap of fatigue and that if I did not intentionally take time off I was going to burn up…

    “See I understand the struggle I understand the hustle I understand the pain of running hard and still not seeing the prize. Many people are sold to the illusion that all public figures must be successfully well I’m not or let’s just say I am not where I want to be yet,” he stated in a past interview.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta and entertainment guru Thomas Kwaka (Big Ted) during a past event.
    President Uhuru Kenyatta and entertainment guru Thomas Kwaka (Big Ted) during a past event.
    thug scam

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