May 26, 2022
Igembe South MP Paul Mwirigi
  • Igembe South Member of Parliament (MP) John Paul Mwirigi now claims that a car gift from President Uhuru Kenyatta was an idea of Deputy President William Ruto.

    Speaking to the media after a public spat with Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya, Mwirigi dismissed claims that he was being disrespectful to Uhuru by shifting allegiance to Ruto.

    Mwirigi argued that the gift was from both of them, noting that the idea came from the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate but was executed by the Head of State.

    Igembe South MP Paul Mwirigi addressing the media in 2020. He proposes that graduates should not be pressured into paying back loans without securing jobs.

    “President Kenyatta bought the car after DP Ruto told him the best gift the presidency could give me was to make my work easier by way of mobility,” the MP respectfully differed with the CS.

    He told off those who castigated him for defecting to UDA, noting that Uhuru had not taken issue with his move. In addition, the first-time legislator noted that the Head of State did not use the vehicle to tie him down to follow him.

    “Even the president himself has never come to tell me that the car that he had given me was meant to solicit him to support everything he said,” stated Kenya’s youngest MP.

    Mwirigi was responding to remarks by Munya who accused the young lawmaker of biting the finger that fed him. The CS opined that the president had held his hand when he joined politics and deserved more respect.

    “John Paul Mwirigi is an example of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s good work in this region. He was invited to the State House and the President personally bought him his first car. He should know that you do not disrespect someone who has adopted you as a son,” the Agriculture CS remarked. 

    Mwirigi, explained that he decided to work with Ruto because just like Uhuru, the DP had equally helped his electorate.

    “I have decided to stick with Deputy President William Ruto because he came through for me when I needed help, I will be supporting his presidential bid and will seek re-election on a UDA ticket,” he explained.

    The statement rubbed of Munya the wrong way, as he interjected the MP to quickly wind up his address. However, the 28-year old legislator went on,  before it degenerated into a verbal altercation, forcing the legislator to leave the event in a huff.

    “You are a CS and it is us as MPs who have employed you…” Mwirigi barked.

    “There is no job you have given me, alaah. Do I look like John Paul Mwirigi’s employee? I gave him a chance to greet people at my meeting but you have no respect,” the CS responded.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta )right) hands Igembe South MP John Paul Mwirigi car keys after a Sagana Lodge meeting in 2017.
    President Uhuru Kenyatta )right) hands Igembe South MP John Paul Mwirigi car keys after a Sagana Lodge meeting in 2017.
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