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Uhuru Outlines Plan to Rehabilitate Al Shabaab Returnees

Uhuru Outlines Plan to Rehabilitate Al Shabaab Returnees

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  • President Uhuru Kenyatta, in his State of the Nation address on Thursday, revealed that the government was planning a programme in which Al Shabaab defectors would be integrated back into the society.

    He explained that his government believed in giving people second chances and that the victims had to express genuine interest.

    “Kenya is a country that believes in giving second chances to those who are genuinely seeking to return to a path of genuine conduct and to embrace our constitutional values.

    “In this regard we are undertaking initiatives to disengage, rehabilitate and integrate returnees who have been members of listed terrorist groups,” stated the president.

    President Uhuru during a past address at State House

    He also took the opportunity to assure Kenyans that the country’s security standing was strong especially with the constituted Nyumba Kumi initiative.

    “Turning to security, I am proud to say that the state of our National Security is equally strong.

    “Over 15,000 Nyumba Kumi clusters have already been established across the country. The unique national and county action plans to prevent and counter violent extremism are also being rolled out across the country,” he continued.

    He explained that the State had continued to strengthen its alliances and security partnerships while continuing to grow its own security base.

    “The skills and capabilities of our Defence, Security and Intelligence Services have grown in leaps and bounds; and, as a Country, we are better prepared to address the threats to our National Security,” remarked Uhuru.

    Al Shabaab militants during a training session

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