Uhuru advised to sack public works infrastructure CS Macharia, the most incompetent minister

Drama: Uhuru advised to sack public works infrastructure CS Macharia, the most incompetent minister

RE: Sack Hon. James Macharia

Your Excellency, Hon. James Macharia is either complicit by design to undermine your Presidency or he is stupid, or both. You have made him the Minister of a sprawling Ministry that covers Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development, Maritime & Shipping Affairs and Public Works. Let me demonstrate his incompetence or malevolent actions seriatim:

1. He initiated the Cabinet Memo so-called Privately Initiated Investment for Kenya Airways to take over Kenya Airports Authority. Then the idea was sold as though it came from KQ. Further, we were told falsely that we are doing it because UAE, Turkey, Qatar et al are doing it, yet in all these countries, the airlines are 100% Government owned. KQ is a private company and insolvent.

2. SGR Project maybe an exciting project, but I don’t see how it will break even in 1,000 Years. The Minister isn’t leading the way to ameliorate the mistakes made on it. The Project is benefitting only those who are in its gravy train: Consultants, Banks, NLC Commissioners, Kenya Railways Management & Coterie Of ghost land owners. The whole Project is a scam.

3. Kenya Ferry Services imported multi- billion Ferries … mv Likoni, mv Kwale and mv Jambo …. Yet these Ferries spent more time being repaired than carrying people across Likoni Ferry …. And the Minister is happy.

4. Like the KQ fraudulent scheme on KAA, Kenya National Shipping Line which is a shell state corporation without even a website wants to take over the KPA Terminals …. How can a nondescript body take over Terminals of a Multi-Billion KPA?

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5. The Minister painted Thika Road with a red line and proudly announced it was Multi-Billion implementation of Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) System. Even if Mathare Mental Hospital is on Thika Road, not everyone in Kenya is mad!

6. The icing on the cake is the Housing Levy Regulations … It is only right that Kenyans live in decent houses. But how do you say that those in charge of the intended Multi-Billion Fund will be fined Kshs. 10,000/= if they steal the money? What madness is this?

Mr. President, we boarded the Handshake to support your legacy and to help you realize your legacy. Hon. Macharia is not helping you at al.
Please help us to help you. Dismiss Hon. Macharia with immediate effect and let him be investigated for possible corrupt motives in all the above commissions and omissions. His modus operandi can’t be accidental.

Ni Hayo tu Rais.



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