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Uhuru Accidentally Pardoned Dangerous Criminals

Uhuru Accidentally Pardoned Dangerous Criminals

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  • President Uhuru Kenyatta pardoned dangerous criminals at the coast after their names were mistakenly put on the list of those slated to be pardoned.

    Coast security officials claim that the criminals have already been pardoned and released from Jail.

    Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata on Friday told disclosed that the lawbreakers had already been released back to society when they actually belonged in jail.

    He was, however, elusive to explain how many had been let loose.

Coast Regional Commander John Elungata at a previous function

“The ex-prisoners have already resumed their works of crime and are wreaking havoc all across the coastal region, ” Elungata revealed while addressing the public at Mkunguni square in Lamu town.

He also stated that the police were already tracking the criminals down to re-arrest them and send them back to jail to complete their initial jail terms in full.

The commissioner urged the public to stay vigilant and report such persons to the police if sighted in their areas of residence.

We are aware of criminals released from jail recently on state pardon but they are already back to their old ways of crime or even worse, we have them on radar and very soon we shall throw them back to jail where they belong” Elungata reiterated.

Coast Regional Commander, Marcus Ocholla, praised members of the public in Lamu for volunteering information to police on suspicious people, including possible terrorists.

​ The gate to Shimo la Tewa prison, one of the major prisons at the Coast ​   ©     All Rights Reserved

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