Uber Tuk tuks to replace matatus amid CBD ban debate

Uber Tuk tuks to replace matatus amid CBD ban debate

As Kenyans engage in the debate of a lasting solution in the public transport sector, many ideas come into play.

This debate came about after the matatu CBD ban that subjected Kenyans to hardship trying to embrace  a new system that was not eve effective.

In the efforts of the government to decongest the Nairobi CBD,  the ban has to be lifted after the complaints by Kenyans and even several leaders and saccos moving to court to demand that the ban be lifted.

Critics noted that it was not a well thought out ad planned directive as it it not factor in the  needs of Kenyans and also was not based on any statistics.

As the nation seeks to get a solution, there has been a suggestion today of the county government to consider the use of Tuk Tuks within the CBD a transport system that is seemingly effective in a number of counties including Mombasa.

Apart from Matatus, Mombasa public transport users mostly use Tuk Tuks and as a matter of fact the newly  introduced uber tuk tuk which  is taking root in that particular county. Tuk Tuks are popular across Kenya  and maybe this can be a good move.

Two months ago, Uber announced the launch of its latest product, uberPOA, providing the citizens of Mombasa a safe, reliable and affordable option to move from one place to another on a Tuk Tuk by using Uber’s technology. Dar Es Salaam was the first city in East Africa to receive uberPOA.

The uberPOA product is priced with a base fare of KES 10, KES 15 per KM, KES 3 per min and a minimum fare of KES 50. Which is affordable to the residents and has proven to be effective.


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