Two Possible Reasons Why David Murathe Resigned as Jubilee Vice Chairman

Two Possible Reasons Why David Murathe Resigned as Jubilee Vice Chairman

By Caleb Simba

Υ2 Possibilities of Murathe’s resignation:

In seasons’ greetings fellow Countrymen and ladies.
Kenya’s 2 major political kingpins have warned us from politicking instead focus on building a unified and cohesive Nation with our neighbours as a people. Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta have resolved to lead by example through keeping off politicking instead focus on a clear path that builds a cohesive and peaceful Nation including trying to resolve historical injustices and perceptions that bedevilled our Nation for centuries.

While on holiday from politicking and political keyboards usage Tanga Tanga movement led by William Ruto have been allover using all platforms provided by nature and technology ejaculating 19th and 20th century insults, trying to undo what the President and the People’s President have been trying to built. Hence a serious opposition and divisions in the ruling party, leading to the resignation of the Vice Chair.

What are the Possible reasons behind Murathe’s resignation?
1) Forced out by the Head of State himself:
Having have made his point clear in the recent past, that he has no business engaging in 2022 politics the President will want to silence anyone from his inner circle trying to contradict his directive.
Note: By a mere fact that Jubilee has never had a formal party Primaries current Party positions are unconstitutional and any exit or resignation simply means nothing.
2) Tactical retreat: Murathe is known to be a senior member of Uhuru’s kitchen cabinet together with Muhoho Kenyatta, they singlehandedly drafted the formation of Jubilee and later handed Uhuru power by force.
They can undo Jubilee the same way. His resignation would also be voluntarily purposely to begin yet another journey to form a unifying political vehicle with the building vehicles initiative.
Remember, its not political leaders who rule and decide. Powerful men and women who govern are un-elected.

Soon I will tell you how the talk to have the head of public service Joseph Kinyua to retire died and how Kinuthu Mbugua reorganized state house locking out Ruto subsequently restoring sanity in the public service.


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