May 28, 2022
Accounts that had been added to the automated system that Twitter launched.
  • Twitter has introduced a labelling feature that allows automated accounts (bots) to identify themselves.

    Some accounts have already been labelled by the tech giant in a move aimed at giving the users the real situation and status of an account.

    Twitter stated that once these accounts let you know they are automated, you become aware of their intention when interacting with them.

    A spot check by on Saturday, April 2, showed two accounts that had been added to the automated list that Twitter launched. 

    Accounts that had been added to the automated system that Twitter launched.

    Twitter explained that: “Automated accounts are created and managed by other people on Twitter. Our Automation rules require these accounts to display labels and remain connected to a human-run account.”

    “When someone who manages an automated account sets that account to display the identifying automatic account label, it also connects their human-run account to let everyone know who’s managing it.”

    Further, the social media giant explained that the automated account label appears on an account profile just right under the profile name and handle. 

    In February 2022, Twitter removed more than 240 Kenyan accounts after a global report found Kenyan influencers were used to spread misinformation in the country. 

    According to a report by Mozilla Foundation, a Spanish-based company had hired influencers to push hashtags into Twitter’s trending section in Kenya in order to influence two reproductive health bills that were crucial in 2019. 

    “The research reveals how a right-wing European organisation used Twitter to insert disinformation and inflammatory rhetoric into an important and nuanced regional conversation,” read part of the report.

    The paid tweets, according to the Mozilla Foundation, played a role in pushing its agenda by opposing the bills. 
    International reports indicated that the influencers were paid between Ksh1138 to Ksh1707 per campaign in order to push the narrative. 

    The same researchers published a report in 2021, that exposed how verified Twitter users in Kenya hired out their accounts and they used them to attack judges, journalists and members of civil society.

    The report, released on September 2, stated that verified users are hired by a secret agency to engage in a highly coordinated online attack by also hijacking Twitter’s trending algorithm.

    Twitter application installed in a phone
    Twitter application installed in a phone

    The accounts were allegedly rented to peddle unfounded assertions and push spiteful content and propaganda material under selected hashtags.

    Twitter then responded by vowing to take stern action to curb this vice that has marred Kenya’s social space.


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